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Simplified EFT Tapping

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The Setup
Repeat 3 times while tapping on karate chop point:
"Even though I have this  _____ (emotion such as fear
or anger) toward _____ (object of the emotion such as snakes or dad), I deeply and completely accept myself."

The Sequence 
Tap each point while stating "this _____ (emotion)
toward _____ (object of the emotion)."
Top of the head
Inside of eyebrow
Side of eye
Under eye
Under nose
Under arm

1. BEGIN BY focusing on a specific bothersome memory. Notice how much stress you feel & where you feel it in your body.

2. While continuing to focus on the memory, gently tap with your fingertips on the karate chop point while repeating the setup 3 times.

Continue to focus on the memory and tap 4-7 times on each of the following locations: top of the head, inside of the eyebrow, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, on the chin, on the collarbone, 4-5" below the armpit.

3. Repeat (tap again).

4. Now evaluate your stress level. If you notice a shift, adjust your focus & start over. For example, if your emotion changes from stress to fear, now focus on fear & tap again.

5. Continue to tap, readjusting your focus as your symptoms change, until the STRESS IS GONE. 

Download "EFT on a Page."


n general- the more intense the reaction, the better and faster EFT works. Before tapping, you should increase your stress level. 

  • Try to maintain focus on a specific memory or thought.
    • Locate where (in your body) that you feel the negative emotion (e.g., pressure in your chest or heaviness in the pit of your stomach)
    • Determine its intensity (SUDS Level). A high SUDS initially (8-10) provides a better gauge for comparison than a low SUDS.
    • Tap until SUDS is reduced to a low level (0-2), changing words and/or focus as necessary.
  • Follow the process:
    • Repeat the same phrase at each tapping point.
    • Stop, evaluate, and ask "what changed?"
    • From the answer, determine what to tap on next.
    • Watch for clues; changes in facial expression or voice will often reflect a shift in emotional state. Continue tapping until the stress response is gone.
    • If possible, test results. With an intense fear, expose to the item. With a memory, repeat "the story."
    • Sudden memories are relevant. When tapping, intuition is enhanced.
  • If you begin with an intense emotion, EFT is effective. After tapping ask, "what changed?" The answer tells you what to tap on next. Continue to adjust your focus and tap until you feel calm.
  • Tapping on a positive statement is effective only if it produces a stress response or negative charge. A person who has been feeling depressed, for example, may feel anger, frustration, resentment, or sadness toward the words, I am sooo happy!
  • In general, words used in a tapping phrase are not important. Their purpose is to keep the focus on the emotion or feeling. An exception is when the words themselves have a charge. A person's name, hurtful comments, negative self-talk- anything that increases your stress level is a good tapping phrase.
  • If you cannot identify the location in your body where you feel the negative emotion:
    • Exaggerate your situation; imagine the worst-case scenario.
    • Talk out loud and exaggerate your words; swear, if necessary, to increase your emotional state.
    • You may want to begin with a sad memory. For most people, sadness is more easily identified in the body.
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