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Thanks again for including me in your EFT Level 2…it was a real pleasure to be part of your training again.
I also wanted to let you know how perfect the timing was for me. After my initial Level 1 and Level 2 training with you, I saw amazing results in my life and with my clients. I couldn’t get enough of EFT. I absolutely loved it.

And then I kept learning from a variety of different sources. I wanted to become a master at EFT. I read as many EFT books I could get my hands on, followed what was happening on EFT Universe, and also took a number of programs offered by some of the “big name” EFT practitioners. And here’s what I started noticing: all of that learning actually led me away from the core EFT approach that I learned from you that very first training. I stopped seeing the same kinds of results in my own life, and started NOT enjoying my sessions with my clients. They weren’t getting the kinds of great results I had started out seeing, either.

I was truly considering closing my private practice, that’s how discouraged I felt.

This weekend was like coming home again. I was reminded again of what I really love about EFT, and saw things happening in the practice sessions at the front of the room that I hadn’t been seeing in my own work in months.

Your approach really works, Valerie. And no one is talking about EFT like you are.

And I want to learn more of it. Do you offer any other kinds of trainings? Or could we do some 1-1 work together, both for my own issues and also so I can continue learning how you work with people?

Thanks again, so much!

Sue Rasmussen, professional coach,

As we discussed on Saturday, I am happy to write this brief testimonial 
regarding the wonderful results of of the EFT tapping techniques that you 
graciously shared with the Health and Wellness audience this past weekend.

My sense of relaxation and calm after working with you and your tapping 
techniques greatly enhanced my performance as a member of the Minnesota Orchestra that same evening. I had a surge of energy that stayed with me the entire evening and a calm that allowed me to express myself musically without the doubts that have gradually come to creep into my mind over the 30 years I've played professionally.

The tapping is easy and can be done without the notice of anyone on stage. It's easy to do beforehand as well and takes very little time. I can hardly wait to get onstage for my next performance! Thank you for helping me regain my youthful confidence at the current age of 51.

Manny Laureano, principal trumpet, the Minnesota Orchestra

I feel like I owe you so much, Valerie. My life has transformed before my very eyes. The drama is gone. I am out of the mode that caused me problems and am without judgment. I just can't tell you the freedom and joy that I have in my life today. It is absolutely amazing, so I really thank you. You've been quite the healer in my life.

Suzanne Bucholtz, Business Owner, Minnesota

My daughter Melissa, was medically diagnosed to have allergies to grass, tree pollen and dust mites when she was twelve. She could no longer make money mowing our lawn and if she did she would be miserable for days after with runny nose and eyes.  At sixteen she worked with Valerie with EFT and now can mow the lawn without getting the scratchy throat and watery eyes and stuffy nose.  She's is now back mowing the lawn and "earning the big bucks".
I am 46 and was medically 2 years ago as I suspected I was allergic to cats.  I had become audibly wheezy after being in my friends house who has two cats.  My daughter, Michelle has always wanted a kitty.  After working with Valerie with EFT she now has a kitty!!  Our home environment with 2 teenagers is much more fun and playful with "Kidare" in our home. I am pleased that I too can enjoy the Kitty with my girls.

M.R., Minnesota

I came in for fear of flying. EFT worked! It was great! I enjoyed the flight. There was some turbulence that they announced. I handled that perfectly. It even worked for the cab rides down there. They are maniacs when it comes to driving… Thank you so much. I'm going to recommend this to people I know who have certain things they need to conquer, so thanks again.

Patty Vasilakes, Minnesota

Last night I attended a Healthy Life Expo in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. At one of the seminars, I learned the EFT Emotional Freedom Technique. It involves tapping in different areas of the head, face, collarbone, side to release stress and other issues. After the seminar, I met with Valerie Lis one-on-one and she helped me work through numerous issues that were coming up for me, including fluorescent lights! By the end of the evening, I felt better than I had in the last four years!

I went to the Mall of America. . . walked through Camp Snoopy and the lights on the Carousel didn't bother me. I walked into store after store and the lights didn't bother me. I stood outside the Old Navy Store with its Hollywood styled flashing bulb lights and they didn't bother me! I was truly amazed! No tremors & shaking. No itching. No sniffling. Cured! In the past, I have had to avoid that whole area around the Old Navy store because it triggered such a bad reaction. Yesterday, I went by several times and just stood there under the flashing lights! When the sun went down and it became dark at Camp Snoopy, I didn't have any problems with the camera flash bulbs going off!  None. I am just wowed.

The technique is simple and easy to use and seems to work with whatever issue you need help with..... I found so much relief from this simple technique, that I ordered the course materials so I can learn this technique further and help others to heal issues they may be facing.
Judith M. Nelson, Jewelry Designer, Minnesota

I just wanted to let you know I just used it for the first time on a real live case- a guy with ulcerative colitis. We just worked on the burning in the rectum and then when that left, then he had some soreness in his left side. We worked on that and that left. He felt pretty good so we stopped there. It works! Thanks for the class.

Tom Benson, Minnesota

It's just been a couple of minutes since our session. I just wanted to tell you. At the end when I said <I was> hopeful, that was actually a secondary feeling or a follow-up feeling. What I was really feeling was emotional where emotional is often used in the sense of slightly overwhelmed and I felt emotional because somebody acknowledged- someone was genuinely paying attention & concerned for my welfare rather than a threat and out of that, I felt hopeful. I just wanted to share that with you as I thought about it just now. Thank you very much. Thanks for the session.

D.H., Minnesota

My son Ethan and I came to see you last week about his math anxiety.  We have seen an improvement in his attitude regarding math.  Today he said "sometimes math is kind of fun." Thank you so much for your help!

Paula Bayley, Minnesota

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